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In 1935, Chevron's predecessor, Standard Oil launched a multipurpose engine oil comany under the name of DELO - an acronym for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil. 

One of its first achievements was creating a compounded diesel engine oil that extended the cruising mileage for U.S. submarines during World War II. Throughout the years the Delo brand has pioneered many successful engine oils and has a long history of being first to market with innovative technologies. Delo was the first to document and reach a million miles without an engine overhaul using Delo 400LE which has now been exceeded to 1.5 million miles. The Delo brand is continually striving to meet and exceed industry standards and meet its customers' every changing needs.          

The success of Delo is based on its unique formulation, superior quality, extended serive protection and unsurpassed performance record.  The Delo story is an evolving process that has produced a family of engine oils to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the industry.    

Find out more about how Delo products continue to provide world class protection. SEE BELOW.


Going Further Since 1935.  Delo's long history of technology and formulation expertise has successfully provided the lubrication protection customer's have required over the years to keep their vehicles, equipment and businesses running efficiently.    

ISOSYN Technology is Delo's Differientiator. ISOSYN Technology is how Chevron formulates its top-tier Delo products.  Proprietary Technology unique to Delo, combines Premium Base Oil, High Performance Additives and Caltex's Formulation Expertise to produce premium products that provide the protection and performance you need.

Delo Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40 is a premium diesel engine oil formulated to provide excellent long-drain performance, superb engine life protection and excellent everyday performance in all types of operations including stop-and-go, long haul and high stress operating conditions.